Empowered, Engaged, Trusted.

The speed and scope of our programs demand that we empower every employee to act with the drive and ambition of a major stockholder. That means trusting our teams to the fullest extent and giving them the work-life balance they need to meet their personal and professional goals. With less hierarchy comes more trust. Everyone on our team has earned the right to be heard, from senior-level executives to new employees. We've built an environment in which people feel comfortable giving constructive feedback and jumping into projects to lend a helping hand. In the aerospace and defense industry, it can be difficult to break into high-level projects – especially early in your career.At Orbital ATK, everyone can play a part. We trust employees to work on these projects and grow their skillsets and experience.

Engaging Work

In order to produce high-quality products, we rely on an engaged workforce. That means engineers walking onto the production floor and cross-functional teams collaborating during the design process. It means employees coming together to celebrate a successful launch. Most importantly, it means caring about what we do.

Products That Defend. Technology That Inspires.

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